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Influential Public Speaking Skills


This word holds a deep significance for every one of us. For many, it is the means to alleviate their quality of life and establish a bright career.


Education holds the power to change our lives. It is an undeniable human right, which everyone should have access to. It makes us employable and entrepreneurial. The ultimate goal of education is to establish a career and utilize the knowledge and skills we have learned in the long years that we have invested in education.


But is the education that we get in schools and colleges enough?

Does it teach us everything that we require in the workplace?

Is the education that we get relevant?


The unfortunate answer is, no.

The education that we receive is not enough to make us employable. Some studies suggest that out of the 100 students who go through the path of school, college, career, only 16 students actually get a job that utilizes their degree.


Our economy is largely controlled by companies and multi-national corporations (MNCs). They control the jobs and the money that flows into the market. They decide on whether or not to hire graduates. If these companies don’t require your skills, then it becomes a very hard task to seek employment.


These are the same companies who will not bat an eyelid before laying off the employees who do not fit in their standards. When students don’t know the skills that are required in the workplace, they face a huge challenge in proving themselves employable.


There are some things students should learn while they are still in college so that they graduate as potential valuable employees.


What are the 6 things institutes should teach students to make them employable??

1.Importance of Oral Communication

This is perhaps the most important and effective way to make a long-lasting positive impression on office management and your colleagues.


Strong oral communication skills enable you to communicate more freely with your peers. It boosts your confidence and helps you put your point forward more effectively. You are able to grab everyone’s attention and charm them with your communicational skills.


Robust oral communication skills also help you convey your grievances in an effective manner without coming off as rude or disrespectful.

Effective Oral Communication

Studies have shown that people are attracted more towards a person who speaks confidently, and recruiters are always on the look-out for such employees.


Oral Communication skills also come in handy in meetings where you have to discuss ideas and strategies or pitch in your own new ideas to the management. They are also very useful when you have to deal with clients or negotiate deals or negotiate mergers.


Effective communication also ensures that your team is working smoothly and there are no misunderstandings that may risk the smooth flow of work and hamper productivity.


2.Importance of Written Communication

A lot of communication that takes place in a workplace is online, email-based communication and letter based communication. Having good written communication skills is essential.


Effective written communication involves expressing yourself clearly. It involves using the proper language that is in tune with what you have in mind while writing.


Good written communication skills enable you to make your point in a succinct manner. It helps the reader understand what you exactly intend to say and avoid any confusion.


For example, clarity is critical, know your objective and state it clearly. Do you need the reader to do something for you are simply passing along data and information? Do you need a reaction from the reader or do you need him/her to take an action?



The tone is another aspect that is important while writing letters or emails. Make sure you use the right tone when writing the letter or email to a senior, peer or a junior. The tone of a letter or email can be misinterpreted and can create unwanted issues.

Descent Written Communication


It’s important that in the correspondence, you clarify in clear terms what you need the reader to do. They can’t oblige if they don’t see precisely what it is you need or need. Additionally, the reader might not have any desire to attempt to help if the correspondence is obscure and carelessly composed.


When communicating to an individual requesting help or something specific, it is always fitting to include why it is useful to them to provide what you ask or to support you.


Such proficiency of written communication skills is an important skill to know in the workplace.


3.Presentation skills

These skills are really important because, in the course of your employment, there will be multiple occasions where you have to make a presentation.


The purpose of the presentation may vary from pitching a new idea to the management to making a presentation to the client. It is essential that you make a fantastic presentation to grab the viewers attention.


They help a person in improving their career prospects. Furthermore, it grooms the character of the presenter.

Effective Presentation Skills

On account of striking deals and convincing clients, it is essential for the presenter to understand the audience. Great presentation skills empower a person to shape his message according to the qualities of the crowd.


No one appreciates a bad presentation. With bad presentation skills, you will not only bore the viewers but also leave a very poor impression.


Good presentation skills require organisation and confidence. In many organisations, everyday business involves teamwork. That implies presenting to your team or on behalf of your team. Career development requires presenting your plans to other people.


4.Public Speaking

It is an important skill required to win over a crowd. If you can express yourself with clarity, it’s a great way to demonstrate your knowledge.


It can be said that knowledge is of limited value if it isn’t applied and if the key people who work with you don’t know you have it. By being great at public speaking, you can demonstrate that you have learned at work.


If you have to make a presentation to a large audience, it can assist to build up the audience’s trust in you.

Influential Public Speaking Skills

Additionally, a great presentation that is successfully delivered with confidence can help you improve your standing at the workplace. Individuals frequently incline toward confidence.


At senior levels of administration, people have to be comfortable and confident while making presentations. Having great public speaking capacity can be a great attribute that will help you climb the ladder of your career.


5.How to use Knowledge for Research-Oriented approach ?

At a workplace, there will be many instances where you will have to come up with new ideas, solutions to problems, strategies, etc. and pitch them to your team, office management or clients.


To make relevant and imposing presentations or come up with such ideas, strategies, solutions, etc. you will have to do some research.

Having a Research-Oriented Approach at your workplace is of extreme importance. If you are not able to carry out the relevant research and come up with bright ideas, it creates a bad impression about you in the office.


To make a great presentation requires equally extensive research. A presentation which is backed by reliable research is interesting and creates a lasting impression.


A research-oriented approach is also important for problem-solving skills and preparing reports, etc. Good research abilities show that you are knowledgeable. Recruiters are always impressed by candidates with good research skills.



Teamwork makes the dream work!


Teamwork is significant to achieve anything at work. To have a significant and deep-rooted career, you have to cooperate with other people.


Teamwork brings new ideas. Organizations need new ideas to prevail in a competitive world. You have a unique viewpoint to bring to the table which will be to the benefit of everyone. Organizations flourish when they have a differing team of individuals who can contribute singular ideas.


Teamwork takes care of issues. A coordinated effort in an organisation can help take care of troublesome issues. Conceptualizing and collaboration help the team to trade ideas and think of inventive methods for getting things done. By cooperating, teams can discover the arrangements that work best.


Teamwork makes a framework to guarantee that due dates are met and that there’s superb work. When one teammate falls behind, there’s another to get the pieces.


 At the point when work is divided up among individuals from a team, it completes quicker, helping the organisation to work all the more proficiently. Your team will build up a feeling of comradery as you progress in the direction of a shared objective.


Teamwork also boosts your morale. You’ll feel that your work is worthwhile when you add to something that produces results. Each teammate has something unique to offer.

It’s one thing to have a team, it’s an entirely different thing to have teamwork. A team that functions admirably together can succeed together and produce extraordinary outcomes.


Having learned all of these six skills, students become ideal employees in the eyes of the recruiters. These skills not only help students at the time of campus placements but also after they have found a job.



These skills will help students have bright careers and scale the ladder of promotions easily!