Studying in France for Higher education MBA Courses

French author Mireille Guiliano once said, “In France we have a saying, ‘Joie de vivre,’ which actually doesn’t exist in the English language. It means looking at your life as something that is to be taken with great pleasure and enjoy it.”

Advantages of studying in France

This quote reflects the life in France in a true sense. France is a country that has seen the revolution, the fight for freedom, has endured war and has been a land of many arts and artists. Today, it stands tall as one of the most developed nations in the world. It is also known for its hospitality and open culture. So, if you are a student looking to pursue an international degree, then France can be your destination.

So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of studying in France.

France: A land beyond tourism!

All of us know France as a one of the most popular tourist destinations. But it is not just about its historical monuments and natural beauty. France is also one of most strategically positioned countries in Europe. It shares its borderwith six different European countries namely Germany, Belgium,Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. So, France is like a gateway to the entire Europe.

Also, don’t forget that France has Paris! It is almost impossible to imagine France without that image of Eiffel Tower. The iconic monument marks the city as one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the world. Paris is also known for its hospitality and various museums. It also has Louvre Museum which is the world’s largest museum and has the famous painting of Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Due to such amazing places and historical and cultural significance, millions of people visit Paris every year.

Studying in France for Higher education MBA Courses

France is also a diverse country when it comes to food and wine. Known for its amazing culinary art, you will get to experience different kinds of food and drinks from different parts of the country. Many say that cooking is an art and one can only experience it in France.

France has a population of around 67.16 million. French and English are the most commonly spoken languages in the country. France also has the 5th largest economy of the world. The newly elected government led by Emmanuel Macron has opened the door of the country to scientists and researchers from across the world to come to France and work. France is also advocating green initiatives and environment friendly policy and technology.

This indicates that overall life in France can be joyful. There is a visible co-existence of diverse cultures and people.

France as an Educational Destination:

Over the years, France has emerged as a popular educational destination for the international students. According to a survey done in 2013, 9 out of 10 International students recommend France as one of educational institutions. It also has one of the best educational systems in the world. In 2014, Paris was selected as the best city for students in a survey done by an organisation.

Study in France

Currently, France has about 3,500 institutions offering higher education, out of which, 77 are publicly funded universities. Each university offers various specialisations. France also has a lot of intake of students who wish to pursue specific diplomas or that of exchange students.

Students who wish to pursue computer science, hotel management, mass media or international relations can choose to go to France for their further education. Institutes such as France International Graduate Schools (FIGS) are offering around 60 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in six major streams such as Business, Communication, Tourism, Computer Sciences, Design, and Environment. Currently, it has 10 campuses across France, have 20 schools and around 24,000 students are enrolled in various courses.

Another reason for France being popular among international students is that it offers reasonable education. The average cost ofdoing a master’s degree could be around 255 Euros. Also, a lot institutions and foundations offer various scholarship opportunities to international students that may cover some part of their tuition fees.Compared to other countries France comes across as an affordable destination for education.

After Education Options in France

International students or those who are going abroad to study from India, are not just looking for good education but also employment opportunities. With immigration policies and work permits being one of the most debated topics in countries such USA and UK, after education opportunities might look a bit hard to come. But France can be considered as a ray of hope in this grim worldwide situation. Students who are taking up long term courses such as an undergraduate or master’s degree can apply for the work permit. They will be given work permit for 24 months at least.

Also, French government has made employability easier for the International students, as they can freely apply for various job opportunities. A lot of French universities also has a network or partnerships with large multinational companies that assure campus placements. If you take an example of FIGS as an institute, then it has network of over 10,000 companies based in France and across the world. It has a whopping alumni of90,000 students who are now placed in various organisations across the world.

Even research opportunities are available in France. A lot of students can choose to Phd scholars or look for fellowships and scholarships available at their respective institutes.



NoEducation CourseCourse Details
1MBA in Corporate Finance – ESAMDetails
2Master of Business AdministrationDetails
3MBA in International Luxury ManagementDetails
4MBA in Management And EntrepreneurshipDetails
5MBA in Tourism And Hospitality ManagementDetails
6MSC In Digital BusinessDetails
7MSC In International Business DevelopmentDetails
8Professional Master in InformationDetails
9 Professional Master in International ManagementDetails

























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