Aeronautical Engineering Pune

Aeronautical engineering is niche stream in the engineering segment. It is now in good demand due to India’s growing aspiration in Aero Space and Research technology. India is keen to develope aeronautical technology in house instead of importing it from developed nations like Russia,France,USA.


Aeronautical engineering has many segments associated with it.Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and science of aircraft and spacecraft. It is divided into two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. The former deals with craft that stay within Earth’s atmosphere, and the latter with craft that operate outside it.

First Flight of Write Brothers for Aerospace
First Flight of Write Brothers for Aeroplane

It was historical moment when Right brothers of USA managed to fly their first plane in 1903. Eventually it leads to various types of aircraft designs and developments inlcluding for commercial usage,war usage, Security and Safety of the nation was built based on power of the system built with aircrafts ,helicopters etc.

There have been major graduation and enhancements happened in the last 100 years for aerospace engineering and still lot of innovation and research is happening across the world, NASA, ISRO (Indian Space Research organization) are some of the top organizations working on it.

Aerospace engineering degree offers great career opportunities in this growing field and applicants who are passionate about it can certainly explore career options of it.