Student Fee Collection Process

Fee collection for any education institute is critical task. There are multiple parameters which define fee of the student.

Student Fee Collection Process
Student Fee Collection Process





1CategoryFee of any course may vary according to category of the student. Open category, SC/ ST student, Physically Handicapped students would have
different fee structure
2Granted and Non Granted CourseAccording to type of the admission and course if certain course is granted by the University then fee student can be different compared to
non granted course
3EBCEconomically backward candidates get fee grant from the government so fee to be paid by such students is limited to certain deposits and
other fees including library fee.
4Out of State StudentsIn case of state bound courses fee for outside state candidates can be different compared to fee for the state bound students.
5NRI CandidatesNRI applicants fee can be larger compared to Indian applicants for the education course.
6Male/ FemaleIn some of the courses fee ma get varied according to gender of the candidate.
7Subject SelectionIn some education courses fee for the course/ semester can be varied according to selection of elective courses.
8Semester wise FeeFor some courses where examination is held semester wise, fee collection is 6 monthly activity to be carried out by the institute.
9Installment OptionIn some of the courses ,education institute might allow installment option for the student where student can make payment of 25% fee and pay
remaining fee at later time.
10Caution DepositsCertain fee component is associated with deposit and need to be returned to the student after completion of academic year.

Above mentioned parameters make fee collection task complicated and need to be managed properly. Manual management of fee collection and keeping track on pending fee by the students along with deposits can be tricky.

In order to save cost and improve process of fee collection, ePravesh has introduced features to automate the process of Challan generation and individual student fee payment using online payment, dd payment and Challan options.
Many education entities have started using automated fee collection of ePravesh. It has helped them to reduce cost and simplify the process. Getting analytics like category based reports, batchwise reports, information required to be submitted to the govt entities has become easier task with the help of automated fee collection process.

Effective Way for Managing Fee Collection

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