Online Exam Process

Online Examination Process is making progress for selection of candidates for various purposes including recruitment, internal employee assessment, entrance examination of educational institutes/ universities. There are ways to conduct online examination.

There are various ways to conduct online examination process

Online Exam Process

  1. Examination Center :

    Most of the education institutes or recruitment entities call candidates at designated examination center to appear for the exam where examination is invigilated by proctor. it is conducted in monitored environment. This process is recommended and secure for high stake exams. But cost of managing such exam is high. Cost of infrastructure and invigilation process added to it.


2. Appearing for the exam from any Web enabled Device:

In such case candidate can appear for the exam from any web enabled device like personal computer,                             laptop, tablet. mobile etc. However it is less secure and there is  possibility of candidate taking help from                       other people during examination process.

Technology can simplify Online Examination Process and it can make it secure to avoid cheating during the                 examination. Following are various techniques to implement it.

  A.Secure Browser Technology:

This technology is implemented by Eklavvya for managing online examination process.  When candidate need to        appear for the exam, browser window would enabled only for examination process. User is unable to open any            other window during exam. It helps to avoid opening of other websites for assistance during exam process. Secure      Browser also disables other sharing applications running on the device including remote connection, screen                  sharing etc.

Secure Online Examination System

B.  Capturing Images of the candidate:

Eklavvya has developed technology to capture photographs of the remote   candidate appearing for the exam. System captures snapshots of the candidate during certain intervals. It helps  to authenticate the candidate and it can be used to monitor if candidate is taking help from other person.

Authentication of Candidate During Online Exam Process

C. Online Exam Timer

Eklavvya has developed technology where each question would be visible to candidate  only for certain period of time say 30 seconds. Candidate has to attempt question within this time frame. If this time frame is elapsed then next question would be shown on the screen and it is not possible to attempt previous question.

  •         Setting up online exam timer in this way blocks question navigation during exam process.
  •         Candidate has to appear for the exam in pre-defined sequence only.
  •         Possibility of taking help from someone reduces due to timer for each question.

Online Exam Per Question Timer

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Online Exam Scheduling