Highly Effective Tips To Get Higher Marks In AFCAT Exam

Are you wondering how you can secure a high score in the AFCAT exam? You have landed on the right platform. Most students do not follow the right way while preparing for the exam and therefore they do not get expected results. 

Most students think that they probably start their preparation after the release of AFCAT Exam Dates. And it would not be helpful at all. Topper’s study in a different way. They pay attention in a logical way to do their exam preparation study in an ideal manner. Let’s understand how you can have higher marks in the exam.

  • Highly Practical Study Plan 

You should kick off your preparation quite early. Building a logical study plan is quite important. When you start your preparation quite early, you get enough time to clear all your confusions at the earliest. Moreover, you do not have to bother about basic information as you get to learn it. When you start your preparation being punctual, all your subjects and topics get covered thoroughly. 

Moreover, you get enough time to revise. You should start making your study plan if you have not yet. An ideal study plan revolves around an ideal strategy and timetable. It makes you able to schedule and keep an entire track of all important topics you need to cover. The motto of the study plan is all about facilitating time management-oriented skills indeed. 

  • Go With A Reading Habit 

You should make a habit to read daily. It also helps to enhance your knowledge in an ideal manner. Therefore experts say that you should read on a daily basis, especially the general knowledge related section. Do not forget to make notes while preparing for current affairs topics. You should also go through newspapers, magazines, and other sorts of relevant content. Reading habits also help you in your personal life since you get aware of different types of information from various sources.

  • Practice Mock Test To Develop Your Skills

Toppers also say that you should practice mock tests to understand what topics you are good at and on what topics you need to do more preparation. Solving mock tests also helps you in the context of improving your speed as well as accuracy. It would be better if you keep solving more and more questions. You should go with topics in which you can have a high score. Regular practice can truly help you in the context of taking your knowledge regarding the subject to the next level. It also helps to improve your management skills so that you could have a high score in the exam. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Physical and Medical Fitness Both 

You also need to pay attention to your physical as well as medical fitness. If you are not fit physically then you probably would not be able to get selected in the Indian Air Force. Therefore, it is not all about studying hard but you need to be medically fit as well. You must keep a check on your physical and medical checks both at the same time. You should make sure that you go with specific standards when it comes to maintaining an ideal weight. If you do not go with the set standard weight-related requirement, then you must start working out to gain the needed weight. But you start practicing this even several weeks or months before.


  • Do Make Short Notes 

You need to keep in mind that you should go ahead to prepare some short notes such as relevant information and formulas to perform well in the exam. You may even do it for the last few weeks before going for the exam. You need to go with these excellent notes regularly to keep them completely memorized in your memory. Short notes are important to make so that you could memorize the important points quickly and fast. Do make them with much-needed clarity so that you enjoy them while memorizing. 

  • Shortcuts Are Not Helpful Always

Moreover, you should not go with any sort of new methods or shortcuts while your exam is around the corner. Chances are quite high if you get confused. You must not let your brain go off track. Just stick with the things that you can do easily. Though sometimes shortcuts could be beneficial, it does go in every situation. Make sure that you do not put a lot of attention in the context of trying shortcuts. Try to understand the basics so that you can figure out the right answer easily. There is no shortcut to getting higher marks without putting in the best efforts. 

  • Read The Question Paper Quite Carefully

Do not forget to put in your best efforts while preparing for the exam. You need to keep this thing in mind. You should always listen and understand everything. You should not miss out on any short of significance details mentioned in the questions which can alter the meaning of the entire question. If you read it incorrectly then you might not be able to guess the right answer. It would be consuming only your time. Therefore, you need to be quite focused while reading the questions so that you can answer fast and quickly. 

  • Never Say YES to Guess Work At All

If you are not aware of the answer to the question then you should also not go with the guesswork at all. This way can only increase the chances of mitigating your score indeed. Negative marking is done regarding all the incorrect questions. You should go with the questions about what you have clarity about. Toppers also agree that candidates must not get into guessing work if they are not aware of this factor indeed. 


You can achieve success only when you go with sophisticated study and fitness-oriented pants. You need to contemplate the studies and physical activities both at the same time. Make sure that time all these practices are managed timely.