Secure Documents and notes

Education system is moving towards digital. New technology is coming up to help educators to scale their operations.

Traditional method of education involves distribution of printed notes , text books, written notes to the students. Students can refer those notes to prepare for the upcoming exams.

Traditional method has limitations as you can distribute hard copy notes to limited set of students and within your Education Notes network. Printed / hard copy notes are also not interactive . If you identify any error in printing then it is virtually impossible to replace or correct this error or even communicate the printing error to the students.

Students are becoming tech savy with mobile devices like smart-phones.  Students are open to new technology and tech driven educational contents which can be interactive , interesting , dynamic and regularly updated.

Education entity can educational notes in the form of eBooks, pdf copies over web or mobile app which can be secured using eBook viewing technology.

Secure Documents Distribution

Eklavvya (An Award Winning Online Assessment Platform) added knowledge management feature which enables you to distribute educational contents like notes, reference material in the form of secured ebook. Only authorized users are able to access the contents. All educational contents can be viewed and can not be downloaded to any device or can not be copied and distributed.

It can help education institute, coaching institutes to distribute educational contents to their students/ subscribers in a secure manner.

Contents are dynamic and it can be updated at any point of time. After updation , each subscriber can get updated contents for reference.

Education Content can be made interesting with images, info graphics information to enhance learning experience of the students.


Secure Video Distribution

Secure Video Distribution

If you have educational learning material in the form of videos then it can also be shared in secure way. Videos can be used by the students for learning specific topic/ chapter. It would be available only for the registered or subscribed users.

Technology can help you to scale up your education content distribution strategy. It can help you to save cost of content distribution. If you wish to distribute contents across multiple users and multiple locations then technology is the way forward.

Secure Documents and notes


Online Assessment and Knowledge Management Solution is  the Knowledge Management and Assessment Platform used by many universities , colleges, coaching institutes to manage, distribute their contents and conduct online assessment for selection purpose. Currently many institutes have been benefited with our solution.

Secure View of the Notes
Secure View of the Notes

You can use knowledge management section to upload education contents in the form of pdf / video files. Documents can be shared with individual or particular batch. Registered individual can login and refer those contents in secure way. Contents can not be copied to other device or download is also prevented. Many coaching institutes are using platform to share notes relevant to particular subject/ topic with group of students and making overall learning experience more digital.

You can register and avail free demo to understand how it can help you to take your education contents to digital scale.