how to get more enrollments for higher education course

Higher education arena today is looking for new cost effective ways to get more enrollments for higher education course. Though education industry is growing and a number of institutions, especially private institutions,are increasing, the enrollment rate is declining. Therefore it is imperative for institutions to give a rethought to the traditional approach for getting more enrollments.

 Recent research in higher education marketing underlines that institutions must challenge the status quo in order to continue to attract students. The main reason for decline in the enrollment is that expectations of the students today are not in sync with the admission professionals who are seeking to recruit them. In such a complex situation, personalized marketing using new age technology is an effective tool for increasing enrollments in higher education. Here are some strategies that Institutions in higher education can follow-

how to get more enrollments for higher education course

Creating a strong e-presence

Research clearly indicates that digital media has far more reach than any other prevalent media. Creating an e-presence is much more than creating a small website with contact details. An e-presence is the image of your institute that will be created in the eyes of every visitor whenever they access your website or come across with any links on the Internet while browsing. The second part is of extreme importance which refers as the cyber footprints. These foot prints play a very important role in the virtual image creation and in turn attracting students to apply. Let us see a few very important points which are necessary while planning your e-presence

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Interactive & RESPONSIVE WEB solutions for admission and projecting Institute Image

 Institutions must adapt themselves to shift in technology. Today Institutes of have ample choice of Apps, platforms and channels for attracting students. A recent Google study illustrates that over half of prospective students use a mobile device to research higher education institutions.In such a case a mobile-responsive solutions are especially important with the growth of smartphone and tablet use, particularly amongst students.


Content on your various cyber footprints is the starting point of personalized higher education marketing. It’s your most valuable asset as you start to collect and analyze user data.Institutes need to establish mechanism for tracking users by implementing tracking of content .Once you have a user profile based on which links he or she clicks, you can identify his or her interests, inclinations and prepare future communications based on that data.

Using SEO TO INCREASE visibility of Institution on digital media

In order to engage with prospective students and turn them into applicants,a versatile SEO campaign having a variety of features proves fruitful. Projecting correct image through content created using most relevant key word is the key to successful SEO. Increasing the amount of content on your website, whether it is in the form of interviews, success stories or advice of academicians on various subjects,is a fundamental part of an SEO campaign. A research shows that 78% of applicants are being influenced by SEO results. SEO can increase Institute’s visibility to great extent resulting increased visitors.

Use of ONLINE ADMISSION platforms 

The simplified admission process is the need of the time. Each institute should have an online admission facility which provides:

  1. Form filling
  2. Notifications
  3. Online payments
  4. Digital Documents for Admission


User friendly admission process which is available from the smart phones earns maximum rating from students and takes a great leap in increasing the enrollments


Since inception social media growth shows no sign of slowing. Maximizing visibility using various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog post are necessary to increase engagement of potential students. Social media is a tool which allows Institutes to connect with most relevant customer base and establish rapport with it. The strategically planned campaign gives best results for enrollments

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Teje Designation : Head, Computer Science Department,S.P.College, Pune

Mrs. Madhuvanti S.Teje

-Designation : Head, Computer Science Department,S.P.College, Pune

We have been using ePravesh services for managing pre-admission process for our reputed courses of Computer Science since last 3 years. We have found the system very user-friendly. The manual activities involved in our pre-admission process were greatly reduced. Application from filling, application fee collection, Merit list generation etc. were automated. SMS facility provided the applicants with timely remainders of our admission notices. We look forward to a continued support from ePravesh and good work..