As we are moving forward in the digital edge, things are around us are changing rapidly. Consider 10 years ago there were hardly any mobile phones in the India, and after 10 year today in 2013 we have 650 million mobile subscribers across the nation. Cost of various electronic gadgets  like computer, laptop,mobile is coming down rapidly. It is also bringing positive changes in the education sector. India invests only 3 to 5 % of the GDP for education which is significantly lower compared to other developing nations.

Technology is bringing scalability and efficiency in the educational contents delivery mode. India lacks quality teachers and students from rural India needs services which are being delivered in urban areas including coaching classes, educational notes, counseling etc. Here are some of the key trends which would bring changes in educational contents publishing.


1. Examinations  being conducted in Objective Mode  

Online Exam Management
Online Exam Management

Most of the examinations are becoming competitive and very dynamic. Syllabus of the exams are defined just 3 to 6 months prior to the exam and it is changing regularly. It provides challenges to traditional publishing industry where traditional books might not reach to the students on time and updation of the book according to syllabus becomes challenging task. Online Solutions or examination platforms like would be helpful for publishers as they can use it to reachout additional students for their contents in addition to traditional books.

2. Books are going to become outdated with Dynamic World 

In today’s technological and fast moving world , most of the students have started accessing smart phones/ mobile phone. Even though currently % of smart phone users in the India is low, its growth rate is high and prices of the smart phone is going to reduce. More number of people have started reading books online. eBooks or delivery of contents with such innovation is going to be norm. Publication industry would have to come up with better ways to sell their books in multiple formats including eBooks, CDs etc.

Educational institutes, universities , management institutes are going to have dynamic and changing syllabus according to dynamic business world. So hard copy books distribution , syllabus updation is going to be challenging in the coming days.

Secure eBook Reader
Secure eBook Reader

 3.Challenges in Distribution of Educational Contents

Educational content providers including Publishers , Coaching Institutes, Educational Institutes faces following challenges for content distribution:

A.  Difficult to prevent copying, illegal printing distribution

B. Second hand market for educational/ academic books, notes

C. Better way to manage updation in the syllabus/ notes and speedy distribution of it


Using DgDrishti As an Educational Content Provider you can

  • Reduce the cost of distributing educational notes/ information – this can now be done electronically since you are always in control of circulation or copying, reduce paper consumption
  • Achieve full control of the educational material you sell/ distribute
  • Manage your customer base and prevent copying and selling on.
  • Reach out to more students across India by selling educational notes in the form of PDF documents at a lower cost enabling you to reach new markets.
  • Gain additional revenues (students now have to buy whereas previously they may have obtained your educational notes for free).

4.New Devices for Students

New devices including ePad, iPad are entering in the market with aggressive marketing strategy. Such devices would act as enabler for educational world specially for content provider publication segment. There is facility for the devices to connect to the Television and see Android App contents over television. In this way content provider can distribute/sell contents through Android App which would be visible on the television screen.

Android Enabled TV
Android Enabled TV