R.D.BIRLA Scholarship Programme

R.D. Birla, as in Rameshwar Das Birla (1892–1973) was one of the most successful entrepreneurs and Philanthropists in India.


The Birla group has been making efforts to educate the masses across the country. This initiative of theirs, till date, has efficiently managed to literate and provide aid to the unaided for years now. 




To provide help to educate, the Birla group has been giving scholarships under the name of the R.D. Birla Scholarship Programme.  


The foremost attraction of the R.D. Birla Scholarship Programme is that it provides the participants with a scholarship of up to 1 Lakh Rupees*. 

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“The objective of the R.D. Birla Scholarship exam is to identify young talent and support them to achieve the next level of performance.”


India has always been referred to as the factory of brains. But for the factory to function properly, it needs to have proper and decent infrastructure.


The R.D. Birla Scholarship is providing exactly the same. When the talented will get the right opportunity to showcase themselves, only then will their flair find recognition. 

What is the nature of the exam?


The examination is based on higher-order thinking of questions related to Mathematics & Science.

Mathematics & Science

So, if students fancy their numbers and have a fetish towards the WHYs of nature, the R.D. Birla Scholarship can be their stepping stone to pave their way for a glorious future.  


The exam consists of only 1 exam.  


The ‘good’ part of the scholarship is that the candidate can get it over with, in one exam.

That’s right! The candidates don’t have to go through the long intervals between papers. 

They get to execute it in the format of 1 single exam paper. 


The exam will be conducted in 2 levels. 

1: The written exam,

2: The personal interview. 


The format of the examination is of 2 levels. First, the Written exam will be conducted which will include the subjects allotted to you (Mathematics & Science).


Then the candidates are to undergo a Personal interview. Here, the practical knowledge of the candidate is tested. As in, if the candidate is able to put to use the knowledge they have when it comes to actually apply it in the day to day life.


The duration of the exam for level 1 is different for groups of grades. 

For grade 1st – 4th: 45 minutes. 

For grade 5th – 8th: 75 minutes. 


The duration for different grades is varied because of the student’s capability because of their ages. 


The execution of the examination takes place in over 30 cities in 18 different states.


Since the expansion of this scholarship is this wide, a large number of students will get to demonstrate their talents with this platform.  


Students or candidates from distinct corners of the country will get to take part in the scholarship exam.


The examination is being conducted under two bodies. 


One is the School and the other is directly the Birla board. 

The registration for the examination includes a registration fee of 350Rs per test (including taxes). 


The collection for the same can be done by:


The schools can collect the fees in the form of cash from the students and then maintain an excel with the following: 

  1. Full name of the student as to be printed on the report.
  2. Grade & section.
  3. Mobile number & Email-ID on which the result is to be sent. 


For students who wish to apply externally, can visit the website provided and make the payments online. 


The candidates who have registered online will be informed about their centres, test date and time through the emails provided by them. 

How to register for R.D.BIRLA Scholarship Programme_

Who are eligible?

Students from grade 1st to 8th of all recognized education boards in India can participate in this exam.


The schools with distinctive education boards like SSC, CBSE, ISCE, etc. all can choose to provide their students with the opportunity to take part in this scholarship exam.

What is R.D.BIRLA Scholarship Program_

Awards & Certifications

The most appealing feature of the R.D. Birla Scholarship Programme is the awards and certifications that they are providing. 


The rewards for the rank holders are as follows:





School Level

City Level

Zone Level (Cash Prize)

National Level (Cash Prize)

1st Prize

Medals & Certificate Only

Medals & Certificate Only

Rs. 2500

Rs. 5000

2nd Prize

Medals & Certificate Only

Medals & Certificate Only

Rs. 1500

Rs. 2500

3rd Prize

Medals & Certificate Only

Medals & Certificate Only

Rs. 1000

Rs. 1500


*Awards are for each grade, starting from 1st to 8th. 


Scholarship Amount


  • 1,00,000 Rs for Brainiac level
  • 50,000 Rs for Super Genius Level
  • 25,000 Rs for Genius level


*Selection will be done on various parameters by independent international assessment agencies and the result declared by the agencies cannot be challenged anywhere and by anyone.


**Assessment agency will decide the cutoff marks; below which no student will be considered for awards or scholarships.


***More than one scholarship can be awarded at the same monetary level if more than one student performs at the same level in the same or different grades. 


This decision will be entirely under the discretion of the agency.

Star Attraction

One grade 8 students, along with one parent, will get a chance to travel to Japan and explore Science and Technology in a Japanese University.


Selection of the students will be done by the agency based on the student’s performance at various levels of the exam.


Now one will obviously have thoughts about why they should opt for R.D. Birla Scholarship Programme only since there are tons of other scholarships out there. 


The reasons are: 


  1. Students will get an exposure to National level benchmarking exam.
  2. It is India’s most prestigious award and scholarship exam for 1st to 8th grades. 
  3. A student participating and getting higher marks would benefit later at a professional level.
  4. It gives a chance for the participants to showcase their talents and elevate it to the next level. 

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