Examination is one of the critical evaluation mechanism in the education world. With latest trend is to use technology for student evaluation, importance of online assessment is growing.

Many entrance examinations like CAT (Common Admission Test ) , GATE  (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) would be conducted online and in future there is likelihood that most of the examinations of school, higher education,entrance tests would be conducted with the help of technology.

Online Examination improves efficiency and accuracy of the overall examination process. It also reduces overall cost of administration of the exam process.

Along with the simplicity and cost saving online exam also brings challenge of security management.

Crucial question arises for the institute : How to make sure that same student is appearing for the exam and there is no identity impersonation happening in remote place ?

Technology has got answer for such question. Eklavvya.in helps you to handle this critical aspect of security during online examination process.

When applicant/student is going to appear for the exam from remote location (i.e. Cyber Cafe Center etc) identity of the applicant is captured automatically by the web camera installed on the system.

Images of the applicant are captured in random mode throughout the process of exam time. Such randomly captured images are compared with standard identity image of the applicant.

mage comparison provides accurate analysis if the same applicant has appeared for the exam from remote location.

This process solves the issue of identity impersonation and identity management for the institutes which are conducting online examination.

1. System captures image of the applicant during examination process.

2. Images are captured in random manner

3. Images are compared with standard registration image of the applicant

4. Any discrepancy in the image comparison will result in false identity of the applicant.

Web Camera for Online Examination System