Successful distribution of Educational Video using Encryption and Licensing Technology


Educational content distribution has always been challenging task for professional education institutes, coaching institutes. Most of the cases educational contents are distributed in the form of printed notes by the entities. There is fear among education entities about distributing or selling educational videos to students or target customers related to unauthorized copying of the videos.


There are many educational entities who are looking to scale up their operations across multiple cities. But non availability of quality teachers pool is bottleneck for scaling up drive. Educational Institute scaling is limited to franchise network and in such case they need to rely on quality teachers of franchise. There may not be guarantee of quality education through  franchise.

About SEED Learnopedia

SEED Learnopedia Institute of Competitive Exams, “A division of Seed Infotech Ltd” is one of the leading education training institute which prepares students for competitive exams in Banking domain. Many students have successfully completed the training from SEED Learnopedia and are pursuing successful careers in the financial domain, banks. SEED Learnopedia was looking to distribute video contents of their caching in secure manner to scale up their operations.

Successful distribution of Educational Video using Encryption and Licensing Technology

Video Content Distribution

Splashgain  has developed unique technology platform which helps to secure digital video contents and it can be distributed through flash drive along with license key management


  • License key works only on single device
  • After activation of License , it does not work on any other device
  • Each License has validity period of say 1 year . After validity user would not be able to see digital contents/ videos on any of the device
  • It is not possible to copy contents of flash drive and activate it on another device
  • Technology also prevents other softwares from copying contents

Advantages of Educational Video Encryption and Licensing

  • SEED Learnopedia is able to distribute educational video contents related to banking domain in secure manner and thus they are able to scale up their reach to remote area students.
  • Remote students are also benefitted as they are able to learn from quality teachers having good contents to prepare for their banking exams.
  • Institute is able to effectively utilize technology to scale up education delivery
  • Students are happy as they are able to learn at their own pace from quality teachers and they need not have to travel to get quality education

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