Secure Content Distribution for educational notes, videos and assessments

The education sector in India has witnessed immense change in the past 25 years since globalisation. During this period, 10th and 12th standard results became vital; various career options emerged, and marks-based merit became the currency for a successful career. It was only natural that smarter study techniques (other than those taught by schools and colleges) were required to cope up with the competition. An era of coaching institutes started after this and is still going strong.

Simultaneously, government and private training institutes emerged that lend specific vocational skills to students. From software training to engineering-related skills to human resource management training, many institutes came up that specialise in niche skills. These institutes have been successful in making youth employable through short and effective training courses.

As coaching class and training institute founders and operators, you constantly strive to attain two things – better study techniques for your students and expanding the student base at your institute. The second is the consequence of the first and it is probably the only way to survive tough competition. Apart from good organisation, interactive teaching and exam-oriented coaching, your greatest asset is your unique and effective ways of teaching. It helps you attract more and more students and yield better results for them.

Secure Content Distribution for educational notes, videos and assessments

Educational Content – Why Digitisation?

Hence, educational content. When you produce notes and study material written and presented in your own style, you bring a perspective that is purely yours and new to the market. Of course, there are considerations like reference books and simplifying the material for easier understanding. But what matters is that your notes help students approach the syllabus in an easier and better way. It also creates a unique identity for your coaching institute. For a training institute, this helps in dispensing education easily and effectively.

But the immediate risk of producing and popularising such notes is quite obvious – plagiarism. From photocopying to photos on mobile phones to various other modern methods, your content is bound to be illegally copied, if not protected. This has created an urgent need to digitise educational content, copyright it and distribute it only to valid users. Before jumping into the aspect of how to securely distribute the content, let us understand the need of educational digital content, in further depth

  • As mentioned above, it lends security to the content. Only authorised users can view and use it
  • It helps a coaching or training institute to expand base, beyond geographical barriers
  • It makes easier for students in remote places to access quality study material

How is Safe Distribution Done?

Digital educational content can be delivered in two ways – online and offline. As the nomenclature suggests, online content will be available to students who are connected to the internet. This works mostly for urban students who usually have good cellular network connections or WiFi connections. Offline mode works through flash drives. It is useful for students in places where internet availability is non-existent or intermittent.

Educational Notes and content distribution in the form of flash drive ebook videos

In both the modes, safety is ensured through innovative products like DGDrishti. Developed by Splashgain, the product allows access to users only after authentication. Online ID as well as ID for the flash drive are created. Once downloaded, the material is restricted to specific devices. A copy prevention mechanism blocks any copying, printing or screenshot-taking.

An important part of the process is licensing. License for 6 months to a year are given to the users. Paid subscriptions or subscriptions according to the policy of the institute can be given to the users. The copyright of the content eventually remains with the institute. Similar mechanism can also be generated on a CD.

Why DGDrishti?

DGDrishti is backed by the proficiency and experience of Splashgain. With more than 20 clients, including SEED Learnopedia, the product is continuously expanding and attracting new clients. DGDrishti has so far carried out licensing and online content delivery of 15,000+ different study materials. It proves to be a complete package for online educational content – from distribution to licensing to copy prevention.

Splashgain has developed several applications that cater to digitising of various educational processes – like college admissions (ePravesh), examination and assessment (Eklavya) and onscreen evaluation. In combination with DGDrishti, these products help in the promotion of education and learning.

The Way Forward

Digitisation is also the best way forward for coaching and training institutes. It not only helps you reach more students and newer regions, but also makes your operations smoother. All this obviously leads to financial benefits. But the greater satisfaction is in knowing the fact that quality study material reaches to needy students and the whole process is completely safe and secure.

Digital educational content thus becomes a multi-purpose tool in the hand of coaching and training institutes – for expanding your base as well as dispensing quality education to students.