Fashion Technology Design Courses

In simple terms, fashion is a process in which people dress themselves up. The usage of different fabrics for making the dresses, or combining various accessories to beautify the outfit isthe core concept of the subject. To create these fabulous designs, designersare takinghelp of science and technology. This combination of fashion and science has given birth to a new concept-fashion technology.This stream of education tries to incorporatetechnology to create high-quality products which are not only durablebut alsoappealing.

Fashion Technology Design Courses

As time progresses, people are becoming environmentally conscious. Along with it the customers are also more interested in using wearable technology products. The need for using sustainable technology in the fashion sector haspushed the demand for advanced technologies. Usage of better and faster machinery,comparatively lesser production costs, optimal application of available resources are other factors that have contributed to this phenomenon.As fashion technology as a subject tries to achieve these objectives without compromising onthe quality of the products.While studying fashion technology, a student learns the intricacies of the subject of Apparel and Textile designing, Merchandising and Fashion, and so on.

Why are students not opting for fashion technology?

Although fashion technology is a booming sector, the students are somehow disinterested in opting for it as a career. Heavy competition, long time to establish a career, and the problem of job security are some of the reasons why many people are skeptical about joining this otherwise exciting subject.Here are some of the reasons why more number of people are not joining the fashion workforce:

  • Limited demand: The demand for the graduates with a degree in fashion technology is limited to onlycertainfashion pockets of the world. However, each yearmillions of students aregraduating with the degree. It makes the supplyhigher than actual demand in the market.
  • Hard to find a job: As the supply of graduates is higher than the demand, getting a job in the fashion sector is little tricky.A prestigious position at a successful fashionhouse would find several job applicantswaiting in line for the interview.This stiff competition can be a major discouragement for many students around the globe.
  • Expensive education: A course in the fashiontechnology can be a costly affair. AsCoco Channel once said that good things in life are free, but thenext option is the most expensive one. It can hold true for colleges offering a degree in fashion technology. The course fee, along with living and food costs,all add up to a substantial amount.
  • Availability of reputed colleges:Although many colleges offer a degree in the fashion technology, selecting the right institution is essential. Students often get confused and enroll into institutions which are not specialized in fashion technology, and thus they find it more difficult to create a space for themselves in the fashion world.

Some myth busters:

Fashion Design courses in EducationAlthough the points mentioned above are valid, many students are unaware of the ground realities of studying the subject. Yet, it is true the course structure of the subject is expensive, but deserving students can avail scholarships, loans, and grants from different organizations for studying the subject. Moreover, a little research regarding the reputation of the college can help the students select the right institution.

The fashionindustry is ever evolving. New trends, new fashion statements require constant inputs from the field of science and technology. It makes the demandfor the fashion technologygraduates increaseproportionally.Globally, new locations are being added as fashion zone making the job market more diverse. A student canfind jobs in not only their home countries but also abroad.Prestigious fashion houses like Guccior Versace hire the right students for important positions in their firms. The pay is verylucrative, and the students get a chance to work with industry experts.

The fashion technology helps the students come in touch with their creative side. The inclusions of gadgets in a wearable form make this sector more interesting and unique. The students get a chance to portray their creative side as well as bring in innovation along with it.Clothes monitoring the heart rate in babies, or dresses forwarding notification for applying sunscreen are some of the new forms of wearable technology made possible due to this stream of education.Watch Designing is also one of the most sought after career paths in the fashion industry since watches strike a synergy between functionality, technology and form.


Fashion Technology Courses









And the conclusion,

Fashion is an ever-changing sector which aims at making people beautiful. According to Edith Head, one can achieve anything in life if they are dressed up for it.A person feels confidence after wearing something suitable and attractive.Fashion can have such an impact on the lives of individuals.To create such beautiful creations, the fashion industry is always on the lookout for capable individuals. A student with the degree in fashion technology can help in making this outfit.The field is full of scopes for young graduates, and the pay scale is also right.