Online ApplicationForm

Online Admission Process need to manage some of the critical processes to succeed. Here are some of the challenges for managing online Admission.

1.User Friendly Online Application Form

Online Application Form which is not user friendly can cause lot of issues for the students/ parents while filling it online.

Online Application form should be easy to navigate, simple, mobile compatible (can be filled from mobile phone browser/ app).

User Friendly online form can save lot of time for students and there would be less number of queries about it.

Online ApplicationForm

Online Admission Form should be use friendly. There should be help/ useful tool tips available for each application form field. There should be document/ article about how to fill form and live chat assistance can be provided.


  • User Friendly Application Form can reduce admission form related queries by 50%
  • User Friendly application form reduces time required to fill the form
  • Manual Errors of form filling are also reduced
  • Student Satisfaction level increases due to user friendly admission form

Here are some of the key tips related to Online Admission Form


  • Keep User interface of Admission form Simple and Easy to Understand
  • Keep Admission Form Mobile Friendly. Students should be able to fill it from Mobile device
  • Have all options of online payment including digital wallets, netbanking, credit card, debit cards, UPI etc.
  • Keep admission form with labels added in dual languages like English + Hindi (or any suitable regional language). Students filling form would find it easy to proceed with less no of queries
  • Always have sample admission form ready for reference to students. Students can refer it to fill form
  • All validations related to admission criteria like minimum scc/ HSC percentage, category should be done on application level to avoid incorrect admission forms.

2. Query Resolution of Students During Form Filling 


Students are anxious while filling online application form. It is essential to resolve individual queries related to admission form at the earliest to reduce anxiety.

Query Resolution During Online Admission

Query Resolution over Email:

This facility should be provided so that student can send email about the query and it can be resolved.

There are many tools including free and paid available for email query resolution management. Those softwares are called at ticketing system. As an institute or university you can easily implement such ticketing system.

It can help you to track queries received over emails, no of queries resolved, pending queries, priority of each query etc.

Query Resolution using Live Chat:

Application Form system should have live chat facility so that student can initiate instant chat with support team to ask individual query.

There are chat bots available which can help you automation of query resolution process. Chatbot is program which can respond to live chat queries of the student by extracting contents from frequently asked questions and sharing it with students.

Chatbots works 24X7 and it can improve query resolution rate significantly.

Query Resolution over Helpline :

There should be telephonic support so that student can call for resolution of the query related to admission.

3. Communicating with Applicants

Communication with Applicant

Admission process involves various stages like form filling, Merit List Publishing, Wait List Publishing, Admission Counseling Round, Original  Document Verification.

Each step involves communication with the prospective students.

Admission process is critical stage in the career of the student so most of the times students are anxious about next step, timeline , status of application etc.

It is important for any institute to define mechanism to communicate with applicant using various channels like email, SmS, online  Notice Board.

Such steps can reduce anxiety among applicant and it can reduce queries related to admission process.

4. Admission Confirmation and Fee Collection 

Online Admission process moves to the next step when institute shortlists and communicate with students about admission confirmation.

Such process should be streamlined to reduce delays and hassles. Students whose admission is confirmed are expected to make first installment fee payment to the institute within stipulated timeline.

Online payment facility can be provided so that students can instantly make the payment to confirm admission.

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