Education Institutes trying to maximize number of applicants in order to attract right talent for their niche, specialized courses. It is important to understand how to increase trust factor within student community.

Details and facts always put applicants at ease. It’s a great way to give the applicants assurance and create a sense of trust factor amongst them. Comprehensive information puts all the related facts out there, and there is no threat of hidden information or data. The applicants feel at ease and tend to have faith in the system when information is on the display.

Increasing Number of Applicants for admission

Trust Factor

When all the information is laid out, applicants feel a sense of bond with the system. The rules and regulations are also stated from the beginning of the process. Therefore there are no qualms in the mind of the applicants. From payments to documentation, applicants are comfortable sharing details as they are aware of the systems “clean” reputation. If all the information is available on web portal/ mobile application it becomes easier to understand process of admission.


Detailed information is a transparent way to deal with the situation. When every little fact is stated out, applicants can see how transparent the system is and don’t question on the dealings and transactions. Some of the education institutes provide detailed profile of the alumna along with links to their linkedin profile. Education institutes can also show case successful alumna on their portal. Such information helps to build transparency among prospective students.


A detailed tour is always better than a brief one, as it brings about clarity in the minds of the applicants. The applicants don’t live with any doubts and are clearly able to operate one step after another. With every single detail laid out, some queries drop down in significant numbers. In case of application form filling, demo application form or articles of How to fill Online Form can be provided.


With clear and detailed instructions, the whole system becomes quite efficient. The applicants ask fewer questions and easily manage on their own. The whole procedure becomes quite fast, and there are barely any hiccups on the way. From the beginning to the end, where every piece of information is on display, the applicants quickly make all decisions with just a click of a button. Education institute can also provide Live Chat Support for the prospective students. It would help students to clarify their doubts instantly. ePravesh platform provides Live Chat Support to resolve all admission related queries.

Minimization of Errors

When all details are laid out, the errors fall to a minimum few. When each and every fact or figure is on display, the risk of failure alters down. The applicants tend to make fewer errors because there is guidance at every step of the way and the management can function accordingly. Online system should be able to show case current status of the application with detailed comments of next step. Each process can be communicated over email and sms to the applicant. provides facility to auto communicate status of the application to individual.

User Friendly

With bullets guiding each applicant every step of the way, the process becomes quite user-friendly. The user feels comfortable handling the whole procedure from registration to payments and documentation. The detailed guide makes the portal quite user-friendly and easy to use for the applicant. Online application process can be mobile responsive so that candidate can fill online application form from mobile devices as well. provides flexibility of having mobile responsive user friendly application process.

Reduction in Costs

When all the information is laid out, the user tends to make fewer errors and this, in turn, decreases costs. The management doesn’t need to duplicate efforts to correct these mistakes, and therefore there is a reduction in overall costs.


Giving detailed and comprehensive information is helpful in increasing the number of applications as it makes the whole system quite transparent and user-friendly. Each applicant feels a sense of trust with the institute, and they tend to find their comfort in knowing even the minutest detail out there. The whole process becomes efficient and error-free as there is barely any room for doubt in the minds of the applicant.




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