Writing tools for elearning course
Writing tools for elearning course

Any college assignment will involve a lot of writing. The text is supposed to express your ideas in a way that they are understandable. However, some of us are not gifted in writing. Is there any help online?

The internet has numerous writing tools a student can use to improve the quality of his writing. The tools include free essay writers online to help you do away with the bothersome assignments. The writers leave you with more time to handle personal projects like entrepreneurship, family, or a job. 

Writing tools play various roles, including editing, writing, citation, and referencing. Other tools help you to structure the paper and create different pages according to the rules issued. Here are excellent tools students can use to improve their text during e-learning courses. 

Grammarly is the perfect writing tool for students who want to deliver grammatically accurate essays. It works like a real-time editor who accompanies you through each word and paragraph. It highlights the errors and will provide suggestions for an alternative word or phrase. 

The app is available for use on word-generating platforms like MS-Word. You can also install the app online or use it on its parent website. Grammarly will highlight such errors as typos, wrong choice of words, and passive voice. It ensures that your writing is crisp and easy to read. 

Grammarly offers excellent free features that will still support your writing endeavor. If you choose to pay for advanced features, your writing will get better through advanced editing. It works perfectly on iOS and Android devices. You will not require an editor if you have installed Grammarly. 

Google Docs

Google Docs combines numerous capabilities online. It has all the features you find on Ms Word, allowing you to work online, edit, and format your document before sending. Such capability will save you the trouble of copying and pasting documents and in the process losing the formatted elements. 

Google Docs also comes with cloud storage and access features. The feature allows you to prepare and share documents online without downloading. You only need to provide access to people with your email, restricting who can access the document. It is an excellent collaboration app where you do not download the work yet people can read. As you collaborate, you can withdraw access once the task is complete. 

The power to edit a document is another enticing feature of Google Docs. It helps especially when working on a team project like group work or when you need the input of your tutor. Google Docs allows multiple writers to access and edit the content. Since you can track the edited areas, you control and maintain the integrity of your files. 

Remote editing will also help you to work on the same document from different devices. For instance, you can edit your paper while you travel or at the point where an inspiriting point strikes. Since it is available over the phone, you can keep working on your essays and assignments while on holiday or traveling. 

Ever Note

Ever Note is an organizational tool that will improve the quality of your writing. It is built to help you gather the materials you need for your academic papers in one place to ease drafting. Ever Note accepts such formats as images, PDF, videos, and links. 

Every Note comes with categorization capability. It allows you to create folders that hold documents for each paper or unit. You can add the documents from any device since it is cloud-enabled. 

The search capability on Ever Note makes it even easier to retrieve documents. Since they are entered in categories or using passwords, you will use the search word to extract them. With all documents at one point, you will write faster and pay attention to the ideas you are discussing instead of side shows. 

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is probably the gravest sin in academics. However, sometimes you copy sections from books without the intention of plagiarizing. Unfortunately, your tutor and the tools they use to check for plagiarism do not understand such situations. How about checking plagiarized areas and removing them before submitting your paper?

Plagiarism Checker will highlight the plagiarized area for you to take appropriate corrective action. It will send you to the website where the content is published. You can paraphrase or use other methods to capture the same idea without plagiarizing. By the time you submit your paper, you will be sure that it is original and unique. 

Citation Generator

Citations point readers to the source of your ideas. However, citing some books, articles, journals, and such academic materials can be a laborious job. If you get it wrong, you will be penalized. Use the Citation Generator to cite your sources and get them right all the time. 

Some of the best writing tools are free. They work perfectly on Android and iOS devices, among other operating systems. Use the tools to improve the quality of your essay and ultimate performance in college.